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NICEIC – Approved Contractor and Domestic Installer

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Wiring Design Specifications… 

Prior to carrying out any wiring installation, a full design of the system must be specified.  At Deacon Electrics we first seek to understand our Clients intended usage, both now and with some future planning, in order to establish the total circuit loading requirements.

We design the main distribution system and subsequent cabling from this to the final circuits, ensuring the management and control of the overall load to the wiring system. 

Once we know your KVA rating for each of the individual appliances intended to be on the system, we can build up the picture of the total load, being fully conscious of the circuits inductance and capacitance based on the different types of equipment being planned.

With your supplied General Arrangement (GA) drawing we can calculate the cable length and method of installation. This also includes calculating the total cable containment requirements in order to plan the appropriate size for the conduits and trunking, working out the spacing factor and derating of the cabling, managing the thermal insulation correction factors.

We can work with your Electrical Engineers if you already have some of the design completed or require us to work within some known constraints, or we can start from the beginning, guiding you with appropriate questions to ensure we understand the full picture before wiring commences.

So if you are looking for experienced commercial and industrial electricians then send us details of your requirements or contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our team.

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